Wilma Adair - Stylist

With Dosha since 2014, Wilma is a full cosmetologist who is incredibly passionate about hair color! She also loves exploring makeup application and has recently branched out as a makeup artist for the Dosha Creative team. She chose this industry  because she believes it was her calling. She knew at a young age that this was what she was going to do. Her favorite part about working with guests is getting to know them and helping them get their desired look. Wilma is inspired by the stylists  she has assisted and the stylists on her team. She is also find inspiration in nature, art and her surroundings. Her proudest moment so far was her first ever platinum blonde retouch and bob hair cut, she was nervous to execute these two difficult looks but was able to overcome and gave the client exactly what they wanted! Wilma loves her Dosha team and loves that each day they work together so everyone is successful. 

"The ultimate goal, no matter what, is to get a guest to their desired look!"