Leilani Heale - Stylist

With Dosha since 2015, Leilani is passionate about constantly learning and she loves learning new techniques and passing them on to her guests. She chose to work in the beauty industry so She could use her creativity on a daily basis and have a career that is exciting and always evolving. Leilani's favorite part about working with her guests is seeing them be more confident after their service. She is inspired by her guests. She love's when they come in with an idea for a change whether it's big or little. Often that idea becomes something that is inspired by what would look best on them or with their style, and then the idea transforms into a look that is unique and special. Her proudest moment in the industry so far has been being able to say she works for Dosha. Leilani has also participated in Portland Fashion Week spring and fall in 2014.

"What I love most about working at Dosha is the people I work with. They are all so talented and nice. I'm happy to be on the same team as them."