Melissa Rister - Massage Therapist

Melissa is a licensed massage therapist and has been with Dosha since 2011. Her interests include health, music, conservation and design. She is fascinated by the way all these things can flow into and affect one another. She is an avid reader who loves to learn and create. Melissa chose this industry because she always had an affinity for bodywork. She was originally living in LA with a career in television but when she had to move to Portland, she wanted to do something more meaningful. She loves coming to work and getting to chat with so many different people. Her favorite part about working with guests is the mutual respect and appreciation and seeing her guests progress. She finds inspiration for her life and her career in music, her mom, people who stand up for what important and her colleagues. Her proudest moment cannot be summed up in a single memory but it is rather the trajectory of her career, how far she has come and where she will go next! Dosha brings in a variety of guests with such varied experiences and Melissa loves getting to know each one of them!

" I am inspired by getting it done gracefully everyday!"