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Waxing & Lash Services

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Before your service starts you will receive a skin consultation. Our consultation is a series of questions that is designed for us to make sure you have the best waxing experience possible. This allows us to connect, communicate, and set expectations. Our prices are a starting point based on the level of Esthetician you have chosen. We have Level 1, 2, 3, and 4. Levels are determined on Esthetician experience, education and performance.


Body Waxing

Chest $16+ 
Hair is removed from the shoulders to pecs.
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Stomach $35+ 
Hair is removed from below the pecs to the belt line.
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Navel $16+ 
Hair is removed from belly button to bikini line.
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Partial Back $30+ 
Hair is removed from your choice of either upper shoulders or lower back.
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Back $60+ 
Hair is removed from shoulders to just above the cheeks.
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Full Leg $70+ 
Hair is removed from feet to upper thigh, just below panty line.
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Half Leg $50+ 
Hair is removed from either ankles to just above knees, or just below the knees to just below the panty line.
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Full Arm $45+ 
Hair is removed from shoulders to hands.
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Half Arm $30+ 
Hair is removed from just above elbows to hands.
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Feet $16+ 
Hair is removed from the tops of feet and toes
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Underarm $25+ 
Hair is removed from armpits only.
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Waxing of Delicate Areas


Bikini $50+ 
Basic upkeep. Hair line is removed from outside the panty line.
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French Bikini $60+ 
Extended upkeep. Hair line is removed two fingers inside panty line leaving a strip or triangle.
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Brazilian $75+ 
Complete upkeep. All hair is removed from front to back. A strip or triangle may be left upon request.
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Glutes $16+ 
Hair is removed from cheeks, does not include the crack
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Facial Waxing


Lips $18+ 
Hair is removed from the upper lip.
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Brows $24+ 
Brow is shaped.
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Cheeks $18+ 
Hair is removed from the cheeks on face.
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Chin $18+ 
Hair is removed from the chin.
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Nose $18+ 
Hair is removed from the nose area.
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Ear $16+ 
Hair is removed from the ear area.
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Neck $16+ 
Hair is removed from the neck.
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Brow and Lash Services

Magnify your look with our menu of lash and brow enhancements!

Experience longer-looking lashes with Borboleta Lush Lash Lift.  Lift and curl your natural lashes, an alternative to lash extensions. Lasts up to 6 weeks. Individual results vary based on client's natural lash. Get full, fluffy brows with Brow Lamination. This process straightens your brows to stay in the desired location, perfect for cowlicks and uneven growth patterns – it's like a relaxer for your brows! Get these services done individually or combined for the ultimate makeover!


Lash Lift $80 
Lift and curl your natural lashes. 
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Lash Tint $22 
Tinting of lashes.
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Brow Lamination $90 
Straightens your brows to stay in the desired location.
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Brow Tint $22 
Tinting of brows.
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Brow Shaping $24 
Brow is shaped. 
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Eyelash Extensions

Lash Extensions $150+ 
Full Set - Natural Mascara Look
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Fill $75+ 
Fill of Lash Extensions. 60 Minutes.
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Removal $50+ 
Removal of Lash Extensions
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Terms and Conditions - Eyelash Extensions 

  • Lash Adhesive may cause irritation or visible reaction to your eyes. This would be noticed or felt within the first 24-48 hours of service.
  • Though our system does include a barrier creme to help prevent any irritation or visible reactions. If irritation or reaction does occur please call Dosha immediately for complementary removal within 48 hours of service.
  • Do not use water on your lashes for 24 hours.
  • Do not use any heat or steam near lashes for 48 hours.
  • No Mascara for 24 hours
  • If you do wear makeup, use mascara that is easy to remove. NO WATERPROOF FORMULAS.
  • Use water-based products only. Do not use any oil around or on the lashes.
  • After the first 24 hours you can rinse your lashes daily with cool water to prevent build-up.
  • Do not touch lashes with face creams, eye creams or any other oil or cream products.
  • Do not pull on your lashes. They will shed out naturally.
  • A fill is recommended every 2 weeks, if not followed additional charges can apply. Any other concerns must be taken care of within 3 days of service.
  • Any application of lashes 4 weeks our longer will be charged as a full set.
  • I give permission to my lash extension specialist to perform the lash extension procedure we have discussed, and will hold him/her and his/her And Dosha Salon Spa harmless and nameless from any liability that may result from this treatment.


Dosha Salon Spa Policies

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