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Before our stylists pick up their scissors or products you will receive a complimentary consultation. Our consultation is a series of questions that is designed for us to know your personal style and produce a look specific to your individuality. This allows us to connect, communicate, and set expectations.

Our prices are a starting point based on the level of Stylist you have chosen. We have Level 1, 2, 3, 4 and Master Stylists. Levels are determined on stylist experience, education and performance.

Complimentary Consultations

We offer complimentary 15-minute consultations on any of our services. This is an opportunity to meet with any of our professionals to seek advice and discuss what you want to achieve before booking an appointment. We encourage you to bring photos!



Our salons are the center of transformation and care that you'll only find with Aveda. Walking into our salon, you will experience the transformative qualities with Aveda aromology that will calm your senses. We offer complimentary tea. With your haircut or style, you will receive a complimentary consultation, a wash, blow dry and styling. With each service we provide our signature Aveda Rituals of Renewals that will soothe and relax your senses. 


Level 1 50+ | Level 2 60+ | Level 3 70+ | Level 4 80+ | Master Stylist 80+ | Book Now

Wash & Blowout 

Level 1 50+ | Level 2 60+ | Level 3 70+ | Level 4 80+ | Master Stylist 80+ | Book Now

Permanent Wave

A consultation is required prior to booking your appointment. (Available with select stylists)

Level 1 - 2 185+ | Level 3 - 4 195+ | Master Stylist 205+ | Book Now



Beard & Trim

With your Beard & Trim service you will receive a wash, blow dry, scalp massage and hot towel. Prices are a starting point based on the level of Stylist you choose. Book with a Level 1, 2, 3, 4 and Master Stylists. To book your day of appointment call 503-228-8280.
Haircut and Beard trim $58+
Haircut, Beard trim and Brow trim $60+
Gray blending add-on to a haircut 35+



Professional Treatment Enhancements

(Services can be added to color, cut, or wash & blowout unless otherwise indicated. Excludes updos & bridal styling)


NEW 15-Minute Nutriplenish™ Oil Treatment* $35+

The hydration solution for all hair types and textures. Our newest professional treatment from the Nutriplenish™ line is a pre-shampoo hair treatment that combines a concentration of mango butter, certified organic coconut oil, and organic pomegranate seed oil to provide more hydration and revitalize dull dry hair in a single treatment. 

(*Cannot be booked the same day as a color appointment)


15-Minute Scalp Renewal Treatment* $35+

Combat dry, flaky scalp, oil and product build up, while fighting premature signs of aging such as loss of shine in your hair. Scalp care is the necessary Self-care. Our newest treatment uses a blend of adaptogenic botanicals including ectoin and lactobacillus ferment, to help achieve the right balance of oils and moisture on your scalp. This indulgent experience focuses on the muscles and the fascia of the scalp, incorporating massage, customized products and that high touch Aveda experience. Book Now

(*Cannot be booked the same day as a color appointment)


Botanical Repair Treatment $35+

Instantly strengthens and repairs damaged hair from the inside out by 84%+. It is a plant-powered, bond-building treatment for all hair types and textures to help achieve hair that is stronger, shinier, and naturally full of life. Book Now


Shine and tone treatment $35+

A hair gloss that adds shine and smooths down the cuticle of the hair, adding hydration and can also correct tonal imperfections. Book Now



Bleach & Tone Roots

This service is for current blondes that have under 6 weeks of growth or no more than 1 inch of regrowth.

Level 1 125+ | Level 2 135+ | Level 3 145+ | Level 4 155+ | Master Stylist 200+ | Book Now


Bleach & Tone 

This service is for those that want to be an all over blonde, over 6 weeks of growth and or over 1 inch of regrowth. This service may take additional visits at a new service charge.

Level 1 145+ | Level 2 155+ | Level 3 165+ | Level 4 175+ | Master Stylist for the first 2hrs. 240+ (additional cost over 2 hrs. is determined by Master Stylist hourly rate) | Book Now


Aveda Color


Our world thrives in color and we love to express ourselves through our hair color. Your hair is an extension of yourself and you can finally express this with Aveda hair color, customized to you. Whether you’re looking for a vibrant red or rich brown hair color, or to brighten your blonde, Aveda hair color has you covered. Our hair color is inspired by nature and reflects its beauty in an incredible range of hues. Your Aveda Artist will help you find a visibly rich and radiant personalized shade, unique to your needs.

Aveda hair color is 93% naturally* derived, vegan, fade-resistant and conditions with radiant shine. Your color is custom blended by your Stylist to achieve your desired results. Color prices can range for the following reasons: your stylist level, your custom formulated color, density, length and/or condition of hair.


All Over Color

All over color is a one-step color process that can be permanent color, semi-permanent color, or gray coverage. It is applied from scalp to ends or just for new growth touch ups.

Level 1 75+ | Level 2 85+ | Level 3 95+ | Level 4 105+ | Master Stylist 115+ | Book Now


Dimensional Color

A dimensional color is adding dimension throughout the hair with a contrast of lighter shades and or darker shades. Dimensional color can be achieved through several techniques. This process is determined through your consultation and what is best for the integrity of your hair. This service books for 1.5 hrs. - 2 hrs. If additional visits are required to achieve your desired look each visit will be charged as a new service.

Level 1 125+ | Level 2 135+ | Level 3 145+ | Level 4 155+ | Master Stylist 180+ | Book Now

Dimensional Color + Roots

Level 1 145+ | Level 2 155+ | Level 3 165+ | Level 4 175+ | Master Stylist 210+ | Book Now


Creative Color

Most Aveda vibrant colors require a bleach and tone service prior to application. Vibrant color services can be an all over or a creative placement.

Level 1 50+ | Level 2 60+ | Level 3 65+ | Level 4 75+ | Master Stylist 80+ | Book Now


*hair color naturally derived from plants, non-petroleum minerals or water

Color Transformation

Book a Consultation with a Master Stylist

If you are looking for a color change and want an expert stylist to help you achieve your dream hair, book a transformation consultation with one of our Master Stylists.

With your color transformation service, you will receive a Botanical Repair Treatment and your choice of style (flat iron or curl). You will also take home the products that you and your Master Stylist determined are best for the needs of your hair and receive 20% off your product purchase on the day of your appointment.

Your Color Transformation Consultation will allow your Master Stylist to determine the following:

  • Allotted time needed for service. (service can take up to 3+ hours)
  • If your desired look is achievable and or requires more than one visit.
  • What is the best way to achieve your desired look and keep your hair in excellent condition.
  • The cost of your service. (the cost is determined by Master Stylist hourly rate)

*All Color Transformations require a 50% deposit at time of booking. See Adjustment policy.

Take your hair to the next level and book a consult today! 


Color transformations at Dosha Salon Spa Color transformations at Dosha Salon Spa

Color Correction

Book a Consultation with a Stylist

A color correction is to correct a color mishap and to restore your hair's integrity. This requires a complimentary consultation, that will help your stylist to determine, price, length of service, or how many services it will take to achieve your goal. In some situations, we may not be able to perform the service due to the integrity of the hair. Color corrections are difficult and complex services that may be done in one sitting or take multiple services.

* Color Corrections are not eligible for our redo or adjustment policy. (Not available with Level 1 Stylists)