Brooklyne Van Brunt - Stylist | Bridal Elite

Brooklyne is a hairstylist and has been with Dosha since 2013. She is passionate about making big (or small) changes, and watching her guest walk away with a huge smile on his or her face. She loves when she gets return clients, seeing them time and time and being a part of their hair story. She chose this industry because being both a people person and a natural artist, this industry has been the perfect path for her and combining those two elements. Her co-workers help her to push herself as a stylist and they give her ideas that she may have never though of; because of this they are her biggest source of inspiration. there have been several moments throughout her career that make her proud. Anytime she achieves a goal she has been working towards and the little moments that turn out exactly or better the expected she knows she chose the most rewarding career. Brooklyne has worked on several projects as part of the creative team, did hair for Portland Fashion week 2014 and attended Aveda Congress in 2015.

" Together we can come up with the best solutions! Possible or impossible, big or small, as a team we can make your hair goals come true!"