Feb 03rd 2023 | By Jillian

Image of a woman flipping her with hair and images air control with tips and tricks with a

We asked our Master Stylist Heather Crimmins and our Aveda in-house Product Specialist about Air Control™ light hold hair spray, and here is why we love it!


Question:  Why is Air Control™ light hold hair...

Jan 26th 2023 | By Jillian

Image of a woman washing her eye lashes and getting lashes services. What is right for you?

Skincare isn’t just for your face; lashes need love too! Choosing the right skincare routine is important, so how do you choose Lash Lift or Borboleta Lash Extensions? We asked our Dosha Lead Esthetician,...

Jan 06th 2023 | By Jillian

Blog image of Nutriplenish leave-in conditioner and ingredients

We asked Master Stylist Hannah Rose and our Aveda in-house Product Specialist about Nutriplenish™ leave-in conditioner, and here is why we love it!


Dec 08th 2022 | By Jillian

Image of Dosha Creative team photoshoots of models winter holiday ready

Let’s Celebrate

It’s that time of year again when the lights sparkle, and we gather together to celebrate. It is a seasonal favorite, so whether you are going out to parties or traveling someplace warm to celebrate the holidays, we got you. What can...

Oct 16th 2022 | By Jillian

Image of women with different hair color.

So, you’re wanting to shake things up in your life.

You’re ready for a change. Maybe you’re not ready to quit your job and travel the world, or break up with Mr. Right Now, but you can feel a change a-comin’. Before you walk into that hair salon and say, “Make me...

Oct 01st 2022 | By Jillian

Blog Image of Aveda thickening tonic hair product and how it thickens your hair

We asked our Aveda in-house Product Specialist, Brooke about Thickening Tonic. Here is why we love it!

Question: Why do we love Thickening Tonic...

Aug 16th 2022 | By Jillian

Image of two women with their hair perfectly sleek and ingredients from product Smooth Infusion™ perfectly sleek

We asked our Master Stylist, Olivia Tittle, and a product specialist questions about the New Smooth Infusion™ Perfectly Sleek. Here is why we love it!


Aug 01st 2022 | By Jillian

Image of a man shaving and a max waxing showing title Everything goes! Why are more men waxing?

Men have always shaved, primarily their face and scalp. Now, men are choosing to wax over shaving. Wondering which to choose? Read on.


Is Waxing for Men Different?

Jul 19th 2022 | By Jillian

Image of July Promo Texture Tonic with ingredients sugar and salt

For our July Favorite, we asked Master Stylist, Kalli Peterson, and in-house specialists questions about Texture Tonic. Here is why we love it!

Jun 21st 2022 | By Jillian

Summer blog Image of the Beach, a woman looking and a woman washing her hair

Our experts at Dosha Salon Spa put together a list of summer routines to keep your hair happy and healthy all summer long. 

Whether you’re walking to the store or out for a picnic, the sun’s UV rays can damage your hair and...