National Award Winner - Educator & Master Stylist Brian Cline

Image of Award Winner Master Stylist Brian Cline

We are thrilled to announce that we have a national award winner among us - Master Stylist Brian Cline! Brian is a Master Stylist at Dosha Hawthorne and an Educator at Aveda Institute Portland. He was nominated by AIP Student, Leela S., to join the Intercoiffure America Canada (ICA) “Honor Your Educator” campaign. This recognizes the people who teach and build our NEXT generation of beauty professionals

“Brian is an icon to myself and the other students—he treats every new student like a prodigy, then takes it further by unlocking their potential. I had a difficult time in school and he recognized my potential and brought it out in me.” -Leela S., AIP student

Image of Master Stylist & Educator Brian Cline at the Educator of the Year awards ceremonyBeing awarded the Educator of the Year award is a testament to the significant impact educators, like Brian Cline, have on their students' lives. They provide knowledge and skills but also serve as role models and mentors. Congratulations to our national award winner - Master Stylist & AIP Educator Brian Cline!

Thank you to Intercoiffure America Canada (ICA), for honoring school educators and recognizing their impact on students’ lives and the industry.