Courtney Rossman - Stylist

Courtney is a full cosmetologist who has been in the industry since 2011. She is most passionate about her two adorable chihuahuas, whom she spends most of her time at home with! When she isn't at home with her furry roommates, she is at the salon, having fun doing hair and makeup. She loves that she has chosen a career where she can be a part of making the world a beautiful place. Its been her passion since she was very little! She used to experiment with her own hair while watching her mom and her sister as early as 5 years old.She recalls playing salon at her sisters vanity and doing her grandmas nails and knowing that this was the industry she was meant to be in. She is inspired by new trends that she sees on TV or social media and tricks she learns from her fellow stylists. Her proudest moment so far was graduating from beauty school and getting her job at Dosha! 

" I love working with my guests and being able to showing them a new technique that makes their world a little bigger!"