Heather Crimmins - Stylist

With Dosha since 2012, Heather is a full cosmetologist who is most passionate about hair. She loves working with a guest from start to finish, from color to cut to styling. She is passionate about it all! She feels strongly that the hair industry chose her; Heather didn't grow up dreaming of hair. Instead she grew up painting with watercolors, oils, and acrylics. In college she started to transition to seeing hair as another medium. Once she chose hair as the most magical medium, she applied for graduation and went to cosmetology school. She chooses hair every day because she loves making people happy, being creative, and making people feel beautiful. Her favorite part about working with her guests is seeing them smile because they feel beautiful inside and out. She is inspired by everything. There isn't only one type of medium that can inspire. In her spare time she paints and uses that as her muse for hair. Any time she can make her guests smile is her proudest moment. Heather admits that it may sound corny but she is in this industry to make people feel good and look even better. What Heather loves about Dosha is the high quality standard they set for the guest. Their continued advanced education year after year ensures that each guest is always getting the very best!

"I love transforming someone into the person they want the world to see!"