Dosha Creative Team
Dosha Creative Team

We developed the Dosha Creative Team to provide a platform for some of the most creative, passionate, and talented individuals in the industry.  Our stylists & makeup artists are able to join weekly projects to stretch and build their creative muscle.

The team has extensive involvement in photo shoots, runway shows, hair/makeup jam sessions. Many team members have work published both locally & nationally. 

Take a look at their talent as their work is throughout our website and at our location.

Dosha Created

Our Dosha Creative Team is something special so we decided to create a special logo for them. Whenever you see our "Dosha Created" logo you'll know that our Creative Team was involved in the making of the images. In hair, makeup, photogrpahy and even styling the work you see is done by this amazing team!

Dosha Creative Team Logo



London Street Style, Top Hat, Women's Suits
Sonia Kasparian Designs, Side Braid, Asian model


women suits, plaid suit, androgenous, mohawk hair, smokey eyes
women explorer, safari photoshoot