Philip Henry
Master Stylist
Image of a Dosha Master Stylist

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Cut $90+
Color: All Over $120+ | Dimensional $190+

Tues - Fri

Philip is a master stylist and has been with Dosha since 2010. He loves to both cut and color hair. Color fascinates and gives him a sense of satisfaction. He also loves photography which helps him with his work on a more artistic level. Color, framing and composition are tools in both photography and hair! Philip feel like the industry chose him, for him he was in the right place at the right time and once he got involved he couldn't turn back. He is inspired by people, nature and his team who keeps pushing him forward. Throughout his career he has seen his editorial work published in magazine and worked in various countries, these are the moments that make him so proud of what he is doing. From technicians to management to owners, Dosha has incredible support and these is always someone who can help, this is why Philip loves working for Dosha and loves his Dosha family. 

" I like to make people feel good about themselves! To give them a boost and leave them smiling feels so good!"