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Safety Precautions

Safety and Sanitation is the name of the game in our industry, and we are going above and beyond our normal protocols to make sure that our environment is safe for our team and guests. Things are going to feel a little different when we return, so we are sharing some of the precautions we are taking:

  • Our waiting lounges will be closed. We'll text you when we're ready for you, in the meantime please wait outside or in your car.
  • BYOM - Please bring your own mask and put it on before you come inside. Masks are mandatory while inside and are not supplied.
  • We'll have a sanitation station right when you walk in to sanitize your hands.
  • All guests must sign a liability release prior to your service. If you would like to read it beforehand, we have it copied below.
  • Temperatures will be checked upon check-in. If you're running over 100.3 we'll reschedule you several days out.
  • We'll be doing touchless greetings - please no hugs or handshakes.
  • To speed things up, you are welcome to come with clean hair and forgo the shampoo for a dry haircut. There is no price change for this.
  • Our beverage and spa snack services will be suspended for the time being along with magazines.
  • Please come by yourself for your service. No children, pets or personal guests can accompany you. (Service animals only)
  • Only bring what fits in your lap. We won't be taking jackets or personal belongings during your service.
  • Cash is no longer accepted. You may tip your stylist in cash if you prefer, but you must hand it to them directly and change cannot be made.
  • If you are running late, we will reschedule your appointment for you.
If a guest refuses to comply with these guidelines, services will be denied.

Liability Release

Release of Liability and Agreement Not to Sue, Indemnification, Hold Harmless, Limitation of Warranty 

We all know that these are uncertain times. The risk of COVID-19 is not well understood and there is controversy among experts on how the virus can spread and difficulty in scientifically determining whether anyone has the virus at any moment in time. 

In consideration for providing hair services, by signing below you agree to accept all responsibility for the risk that you may contract COVID-19. While we are taking your safety and that of our staff very serious, by employing new safety and sanitation initiatives, we cannot guarantee that any of these measures will completely protect you from contracting COVID-19. 

I agree that if I take any steps to make a claim for damages against Dosha Salon Spa, its agents, employees or any other released parties arising out of my receipt of any hair service during my visit to Dosha Salon Spa facilities, I shall be obligated to pay all attorneys’ fees and costs incurred as a result of such claim.  

I acknowledge that I can go elsewhere to have my hair done and I acknowledge that Dosha Salon Spa is not the only hair salon where I can have my hair done. By signing this agreement, I acknowledge that I am free to go to other salons who may not require my agreement to accept responsibility for contracting COVID-19 and I choose to have my hair services.

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