Dosha Master Stylists
Master Stylist

Master Stylists are the leaders and pacesetters in our environment, both technically and culturally. They cater to a top tier of clientele who are looking for an elevated experience and artistic aptitude. The Master Stylist is an artist, educator and leader. Master Stylists develop trends, are an example of salon standards, and act as a spokesperson for the Brand. 


Master stylists earn a reputation as trendsetters. They perform precision haircuts and are experts at color formulation. They are eager to participate in editorial shoots as well as the Creative Team and the Elite Bridal Team. Clients flock to them for a “signature look.” Master stylists may charge considerably more, with no cap on price, as they have distinguished themselves as artists. 

Leaders through Education

Master Stylist’s see value and seek training and education beyond state requirements. They are pillars of culture in their environment. Above all else, they are highly skilled at their craft. Many masters started working under another master stylist themselves, which make them ideal for cultivating new talent. Because master stylists distinguish themselves as innovators, other stylists want to train under them. Many teach cutting or coloring techniques, culture and business skills. Master stylists may decide to take on an apprentice where they can share their knowledge and help career path an emerging stylist.

Master Stylists Working