3 Reasons Why the Shag Should Be Your Next Hairstyle
No matter where you go in Portland, you are bound to see someone with a shag haircut. The trend has swept the city and the nation into a shag storm! We sat down with one of Dosha Salon Spa’s Master Stylists and shag connoisseur, Brian Cline, and got the down-low on the grungy-chic hairstyle as well as some tips and tricks you can try at home to take your shag to the next level.

The Shag: Then vs Now

Modern shag picture

It was in the ‘70s that the shag hairstyle made its first appearance. They then morphed into a glam-rocker look in the ‘80s. In this day and age the style has stepped back into a more 70’s style shag and we’re loving it! The shag is such a fashionable hairstyle and works with so many different hair types and face shapes. Sitting down with master stylist Brian Cline he gave us the inside scoop on the shag.

“I’ve loved them ever since I started in the industry in the early ’90s. Not only do the clients like it but a lot of trendsetting hairstylists like it because there are so many ways of approaching and styling it. It can be so customizable to each individual.” 

A stylish mom with a shag haircut playing with her son in matching sweaters. Haircut by Doza Barcelona.

How to get the style at home: Tips & Tricks

“The shag looks best on someone who wears it like they mean it” Brian told us, and we agree which is why we decided to share some at-home tips and tricks to help you feel sassy in your shag! Depending on your hair texture, we’ll help you figure out the best way to style your shag since there are so many ways to do it! For straight and/or fine hair you can add some Aveda texture tonic and give yourself a glamorous blowout. If you have more texture in your hair, just add some curls! When it comes to Brian’s preference on the low maintenance hairstyle he is “obsessed with them if they’re wavy or curly.” On some of the lucky ones, there is no styling involved at all, the hairstyle can be very low maintenance and yet still extremely stylish. 
A before and after photo of a shag haircut by Liz Jayo.

If you want to take your hairstyle the next step and get your own shag please visit us online to book your appointment today!

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