April Favorites: Air Control

This month one of our favorite things is an Aveda Classic-Air Control! We caught up with Dosha Northwest Stylist Mykla Anderson to have an impromptu photo-shoot with the beloved hairspray and to find our why Air Control is one of her go-to products! And as usual with Mykla, we had way too much fun! 


What do you love about Air Control? Okay, this is going to be kind of cheesy but I love it for it's name. It is light as Air and gives you total Control! Aveda sure marketed that right! And the scent.

Oh, I know that smell- I spray it directly on me just to smell like it- is that weird? No, me too! The scent is why I finish every guest with it-so they can leave with that classic Aveda smell.


What makes Air Control different from other hairspray on the market? Number one, it's buildable! Using a little is enough and using a lot is not too much. Number two, it is versatile. It's not just for hold, it can also add texture body and absorb oil!

Is there an ideal hair type for this product? uhm, it's good for anyone with hair! (laughs). No seriously. But if I had to say an ideal type- it would be good for fine hair- people looking for weightless hold and volume. But anyone really.

How do we use this product at home, on ourselves? First, keep in mind that Air Control is a dry working spray- so you can keep building it without it getting flaky and white. The more you add the more texture and volume you are going to get. It's meant to be used all over the hair and not necessarily to keep one specific hair in place. So when you are at home you will want to hold the nozzle about 6 inches away from where you want it- you want the widest spray and that will give you more of a global hold.


Any secret pro tip that you can use air control for? Because it absorbs oil it almost acts like a light dry shampoo- so you can spray it in your roots and it will absorb the oil. 

For the month of April if a guest purchases one Aveda product ($25 or more) then they get a FREE travel size Air Control- is there a product that pairs well with Air Control? Well, they all do but I'm a volume girl so I would say Aveda Dry Shampoo. The Dry Shampoo will give you extra volume, extra texture and then you can finish with the Air Control. Or if you are a person who is a little more skeptical of volume- like you don't want fluffy or frizzy hair then you can pair wit Aveda Dry Oil. Just run the oil through for extra moisture and then use the air control for non-fluffy volume!

Is there a fun fact we should know about Air Control? YES! It's actually 100% made using only wind power! It says so on the can! 


Hurry in to your nearest Dosha Salon Spa location and pick up any product retailing for $25+ and get a FREE travel size of Air Control! This offer is while supplies last so don't wait!! (Offer good April 1st-April 30th- while supplies last)

*Pro Tip: Pick up a full size Air Control (Retail $28). Then you will have one for your house and one for your bag. Seriously, we are not joking when we say you will want a bottle of it everywhere you go!