June 2022

Jun 21st 2022 | By Jillian

Summer blog Image of the Beach, a woman looking and a woman washing her hair

Our experts at Dosha Salon Spa put together a list of summer routines to keep your hair happy and healthy all summer long. 

Whether you’re walking to the store or out for a picnic, the sun’s UV rays can damage your hair and...

Jun 10th 2022 | By Jillian

Dosha Salon Spa June Favorite: Nutriplenish™

For our June favorite, we asked our in-house product specialist questions about Nutriplenish™ Daily Moisturizing Treatment and here is why we love it!

Question: Why is Nutriplenish™ Daily Moisturizing Treatment a great...
Jun 01st 2022 | By Jillian

Be a Dosha Bride - Bridal Elite

In our 30+ years of business, we’ve had the pleasure of being a part of over 10,000 weddings. 

We know how important this day is for you, and we want to make sure we are the easiest part of your planning. To ensure your wedding prep goes smoothly, plan for all your salon appointments ahead of time. This means...