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A Stylist's Guide to Documenting your Work

Picture this! You are in the salon, you have a loyal guest come in and she is looking fabulous but today she wants to go for it- really change it up. "A Pixie cut you say?! But of course!" This you have to document! It is going to be a drastic change and this is the ultimate chance to showcase your skill! You snap the cape open, like the pro that you are, and gently adorn your guest, like the queen she is.

You set out your tools. Sheers, check! Comb, check! Air Control on standby- Check!

In 45 minutes to an hour, you're done! And she is glowing, running her fingers through her hair in awe of your technical prowess and now all that's left? Picture Time! You snap a shot and send her off, still radiating from the beautiful craftsmanship just displayed. Thrilled at your feat, you click open your image to showcase your talent to your coworkers and Oh! What's this? Suddenly your heart sinks. There before you lies a dark blurry image not even close to the glowing goddess that just left. Now what?

If you have made this mistake before- don't make it again- follow these steps for insta worthy images that will get you all the likes!

Step 1: Get up, Stand up

Let be honest, after an hour or more of sitting in your chair guests can get a little cozy. That's why getting your guest up and out of their chair is the best way to get a flattering photo.

Step 2: Find the Right Light

In the salon, it is important to find the hub for natural light. Not only is it more appealing than harsh overhead lights, but you can maximize all the different benefits and improve the quality of your pictures. Make sure your subject is facing the light to illuminate their whole face without washing them out.

Check out these examples!

Photo 1: Overhead lighting casts dark shadows and gives her an unflattering tone. Sure this shot is easier since your guest is already in your chair but take note of how having her stand changes the impact of the image!
Photo 2: We're almost there but the pretty wood background brought out more red tones and you lose the color in her hair! Don't be fooled by trying to find the perfect background - less is more!
Photo 3: This one's the winner! The natural lighting best showcases her hair and skin. 

*Pro-Tip: Don't be afraid to ask guests to take off chunky scarves or coats to get a clean shot of the hair! Just take a look at the difference it makes below!

Photo 1: Get rid of shadows and shine by getting your client out of the chair and moving around.

Photo 2: This looks better already but, the light is coming in from the side of the image which makes the other half of the picture dark.

Photo 3: Image three is the big winner! The posture and light are flattering to the client and make your work stand out!