July Favorites: Aveda Travel Sizes

When traveling, it can be so easy to settle for the hotel minis because hey, it’s easy! This summer we want you to take your vacation to the next level by packing up some Aveda faves to makes your time away feel as luxe as possible! Come on into any Dosha in the month of July and get three travel size items for just $20! Now, you can mix and match your favorites in a travel ready size! We chatted with our team at Dosha 5th Ave to find out their travel must haves. Our 5th ave location neighbors Hotel Monaco so these girls know a thing or two about the travel necessities!

Kayla's Carry On Ready:

Pick #1 Air Control " I’m more of a finishing touch kind of girl and my hair is really fine and doesn’t really hold style. So, Air control is my favorite, i mean my absolute favorite hair spray because it holds my style without weighing it down!"

Pick#2 Damage Remedy Shampoo " Always important because you never know what a hotel is going to have in terms of beauty products. or maybe you’re going to a house that doesn’t have salon products and I like to maintain my hair wherever I am at!"

Pick #3 Damage Remedy Conditioner " Most of my hair is natural but i have a little blonde in my ends, so it’s really lacking protein, so the damage remedy line in perfect for keeping it healthy!"

One thing you always forget to pack? "Weirdly, Sock! I don’t know why. I think of everything and I start from the feet up so you think I would remember but now I always buy them wherever I go, so I have an abundance of socks. Also, I always forget at least one part of my makeup. A lot of items aren’t very travel friendly so I don’t mind buying like samples of my regular items when I get wherever I'm going but that’s why we are so lucky these guys come in mini and are carry on ready!"

Working next door to Hotel Monaco, have you had any guests from far away places? “Guests from India! A lot of Nike employees travel here and they stay around here and will come in from all over the world. A lot of people will come in and I see them like once a year and I give them my card and they always come back and remember me and see me. It’s cool to have a clientele that’s from all over! A few from Europe and a couple from NYC even!"

What’s your Dream vacation? "In my wildest dream, would be to take a year and travel around. I haven’t ever been out of the country so it’s a dream of mine to go explore. But that is why I work so hard now so that someday I can do that!"

What has been your favorite Vacation? " So, Hawaii, oh wait Disneyland when I was 7 but that was a really long time ago so we will stick with Hawaii. it was right after I graduated cosmetology school, I really got to relax and get my adventure streak on!"

Kalli  Likes to Keep it  Fun-Sized:

Pick #1 Hand Relief " Always. Because if I’m going on vacation I need my hands to be moisturized.”

Pick#2 Foot Relief “Foot relief because I need my feet to be pretty to put in the sandals

Pick #3 Smooth Infusion Naturally Straight " My hair is really curly and generally when I go to place with lot of humidity or I’m going to be swimming or in the water this help tame the frizz and the curl and keep it from getting out of control"

One thing you always forget to pack? " Uhm toothbrush because that’s the one thing that everyone forgets. So, I always have to buy them and now I have a ton!"

Working next door to Hotel Monaco, have you had any guests from far away places? "Oh, my goodness, all over, but I would maybe say the furthers would be Dubai or New Zealand/Australia!"

What’s your Dream vacation? "Bora Bora, I wanna sit in one of those huts that are in the middle of the water, thats the dream!"

What has been your favorite Vacation?  " Oh, that has to be Hawaii, we were on the big island and all of these three things came in very handy while I was gone!"

Raven's Effortless No Heat Must Haves:

Pick #1 Damage Remedy Daily Hair Repair “I picked it because when your swimming on vacation your hair tends to get dry- this will help repair and restore moisture.”

Pick #2 Phomolient " When I’m on vacation I don’t tend to do my hair that often. so, this gives a nice little lift and volume for when my hair is more natural."

Pick #3 Air Control " I also love to curl my hair as a quick style on vacation, so I can give it a quick little spritz and it will hold my hair together!"

One thing you always forget to pack? Sunscreen. Which is really bad because I’m an Esthetician, so I always have to buy it there."

Working next door to Hotel Monaco, have you had any guests from far away places? " I get a lot of UK guests, I think that’s like the farthest."

What’s your Dream vacation? " Fiji hands down! Something really tropical"

What has been your favorite Vacation? " A long time ago I went to Belize and that was pretty amazing!"

Jennifers Every Day Look On The Go:

Pick #1 Color Conserve Shampoo " I've got red hair and you gotta keep that color locked in

Pick#2 Phomolient " I have fine hair but I love volume- must have while traveling!"

Pick #3 Air Control " This is a good everyday product because it keeps your look together- so nice to be able to take on the go!"

One thing you always forget to pack? "I’m neurotic and i make lists for everything. But I do almost always forget toothpaste!"

What’s your Dream vacation? " Europe- I keep researching trips to Paris!"

What has been your favorite Vacation? My Best friend lives in Alaska, so I got to visit her in Sitka for 10 days. I got to see whales, bears, seals, just all kind of amazing wildlife!"  

Kayla hair Stylist at Dosha Salon Spa