Let your “hair color” do the talking

Image of master stylists at dosha salon with different hair color

Traditionally, Valentine’s Day represents “red” as the color of love and beauty. Colors tell a story about who we are. “It also influences how we feel”* So, what are some of the hair colors used to tell a story?

Image of Master stylist olivia tittle with red hairRed Heads

“Red is a very strong color that symbolizes love, strength, passion, and confidence”* Red hair is a bold statement that makes us stand out and as you know, we redheads own it!


Image of Master stylist molly mcguire with red hair


For our fair-haired friends, blonde or yellow hair color is often seen as cheerful or carefree. It’s a bright color “that draws the eye”* to it. You know that popular saying, “Blondes have more fun”? We say this because color plays an important role in how we tell a story. Blondes “seem” to have more fun because the color yellow is seen as a bright and happy color.



Image of Master stylist gyrid with red hairBrunettes

For our brunettes out there, they carry a more neutral and natural tone that “has warmth and evokes elements from the natural world”* Think of our favorite fall hair colors with copper tones and rich chocolaty hues. This sends us a message of positive feelings. 

Protect your color 

To keep our hair showing off those positive color vibes, the right shampoo+ conditioner is key. So, what should you look for? To start, you need plant-powered haircare because it is naturally derived.

To protect your hair color, use color control shampoo and conditioner. It fights color fade while giving you soft, silky hair without the weight of silicones. For an added boost, pair it with color control leave-in treatment: light which protects color vibrancy for up to 12 weeks.

If you are looking for stronger, shinier, healthier-looking hair use botanical repair strengthening shampoo and conditioner. Multi-task by pairing it with botanical repair bond-building styling creme. It will smooth frizz up to 72 hours and help repair hair damage while styling.


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