Let's Get Real This Mother's Day

When people say that being a parent is the hardest job of all, they really aren’t exaggerating. The job involves some serious blood, sweat, and tears without a whole lot of time to yourself. Motherhood is such a great gift, to be able to care for and raise a child, to watch them grow and learn. But motherhood can also be tough and exhausting.

This Mother’s Day, it's mom that needs a gift!

Whether your little bundles of energy are bouncing around you at high speeds, or you’ve got some questionable moisturizer worked into your skincare routine, Dosha is here to help you recharge and relax to get you back on track.

This photoshoot is inspired by the hard-working mom who not only deserves some pampering but frankly needs it. If you’re looking for the perfect gift this Mother’s Day, skip the candles and flowers (or maybe get those too, because mom totally deserves it all), get her the gift of rejuvenation, a hair fix for a week of bad sleep, or a massage that will finally get that knot out from all those piggyback rides.


A Dosha Gift Certificate is the perfect gift this Mother's Day. Get yours today online or in-salon!