Makeover May Part 3 : Relinquishing Control to Your Stylist


Image of Master Stylist Doza Barcelona with her client during Makeover May

In the hair care world, relinquishing control to a stylist can be daunting and liberating. Our hair is an important part of our identity, a canvas of self-expression. In part 3 of our Makeover May series, we asked Master Stylist Doza Barcelona about what it means to relinquish control and the transformative experience. 


The Bond Between a Stylist and Their Guest

Relinquishing control starts with trust. Doza explains that the “bond of trust between a stylist and their guest is such a special one. Over time, more and more trust is built leading to more impactful transformations. There’s courage and freedom in it” because of a mutual understanding that has blossomed over time to something truly special.


Is there a right time?

“Transformations can become higher risk when done frequently. That doesn’t mean a transformation can’t be done!”, Doza says, “but it does mean that the consultation has to be thorough”. When you get in the chair and bring in your ideas, remember that your stylist is armed with knowledge of trends, techniques, and an understanding of your unique attributes so make sure to “come with a flexible attitude” and be ready for a change.

Image of Master Stylist Doza Barcelona with her client during Makeover May


When You’re Ready to Let Go

Doza explains that when you’re ready for that big change, remember that “letting the stylist decide when to step on the gas and when to pump the brakes is very important to the overall experience”.  This allows the stylist to tailor to the individual so that you leave the salon not just with a haircut, but with a fresh perspective on your style and a boost in confidence. - Book with Master Stylist Doza Barcelona


“You bring the ideas and we’ll bring the ambition and expertise! A big hair change is satisfying for everyone!”

Image Master Stylist Doza Barcelona's client's hair transformations over the years

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Meet Our Expert

Doza Barcelona is a Master Stylist and part of our Dosha Creative Team. Check out more of her work on Instagram @dozabarcelona.