Meet Your Dosha Masters

5th Ave Dosha Master: Kalli Peterson

Kalli Peterson is a Master Stylist at our 5th ave location and she has been with the Dosha Team for 10 years! Kalli brings a wonderful presence to the team; she is kind, generous and above all, serious about her craft! We talked with Kalli about how she got where she is today and her hair journey!


Why did you enter into the hair industry? I believe the cosmetic/style world as a whole was always interesting to me. Growing up I was a girlie girl. I dressed up in my mom’s clothes, wore her shoes and jewelry, and put on all her make up. I found myself constantly frustrated with my hair in middle/high school years getting my curly hair to be straight, or even tamed non frizzy curls. I wanted to help others. I had friends ask me to do their hair for dances, and other events through out my school years. I loved helping others and making them feel beautiful. I was hooked, and I knew I had to do this as my career. 



What Inspires you? I find inspiration is a lot of things. My parents, my family, friends, co workers and clients. My consistent education at Dosha always keeps me inspired. The style world is forever changing, I can't help but be inspired by its constant evolving, whether it be a photo or fashion show. I strive to keep up with what's next. 

What does the Dosha Master Team mean to you? My fellow master stylists make me feel so happy to be apart of such an amazing group of talented people. I am so thankful to be considered part of this elite group of Dosha. When I'm surrounded by them it makes me strive to be a better stylist. I know I could call any of them and they would help me out. The support is great, no matter what the situation is. 


Was their a moment with a guest that made you feel like your picked the right career? That made your day? I think all my services that end in a refreshed, glowing energy, and smile is always considered a best client interaction for me. They are putting themselves into my hands with a very high level of trust, there's no other feeling like it to have that type of stylist/client relationship.



When did your really have a good cry about work, a service, a guest? I failed my state board cosmetology exam! Cried the entire way home. I didn't give up, and went back a month later to retake and passed!

When did you laugh so hard your stomach hurt? I can't think of any specific time, but I do find myself laughing uncontrollably often when my two step kids say the funniest things. It's like, how do you think of that? Their minds are so matter of fact and makes sense in their little heads! 


What is something about you people might be surprised to know? I'm left handed. I was adopted from South Korea as an infant. 

Fill in the blank- This quote sums up my thoughts on my journey: "Long days, long nights, empty bank accounts, struggle, two faced friends, faith in yourself, and work ethic so sick that if you were to tell someone how hard you actually grind they wouldn't believe you." -Kevin Hart




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