Men's Grooming 101: Shaving vs. Waxing
Aug 1st 2022


Image of a man shaving and a max waxing showing title Everything goes! Why are more men waxing?

Men have always shaved, primarily their face and scalp. Now, men are choosing to wax over shaving. Wondering which to choose? Read on.


Is Waxing for Men Different?

No, not really. Men and women have the same areas waxed, and most find waxing to be easier for upkeep.

What areas can you “manscape”?

Most areas on our body can be either shaved or waxed. For at home “manscaping” there are areas that are trickier to get to than others like the back and shoulders. Depending on the amount of hair growth, waxing will yield better and longer lasting results.

We asked our Lead Esthetician, Stephanie Wilson, about the benefits of waxing over shaving and here is what she said. 

Q: Why start waxing over shaving?

Stephanie: Waxing lasts longer. “Once all the hair syncs up on the same growth cycle, smooth results last longer and longer. (Usually takes about 3-4 consistent waxes, each done 4-6 weeks apart)”

Q: Does waxing cause skin irritation?

Stephanie: No, there is actually “less irritation than shaving” and waxing allows the hair to “appear finer and thinner with consistent waxing (Every 4-6 weeks)


What’s the short answer?

When comparing waxing vs. shaving, each method is entirely different and yields different results.  For a quick fix, keep shaving. For long lasting results, start waxing. We say, why not let someone else do the work for a change?  Book a waxing appointment and discover which method will work best for you! 

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