Unboxing: Aveda Tulasara

We are gearing up to introduce Aveda's newest skin care line, Tulasara, which has just hit retail shelves and will be in spa rooms at all Dosha locations in September. Our team of lucky ducks and spa professionals got a sneak peek at some of the new products coming our way and to say we are excited is an understatement! We jumped in and put together this quick list of all thing that got us 

 1. Tulasara means "Moving Towards Balance."  in Sanskrit.

The new line lives up to its name, as it primary focus is truly in skin balance. Every element of the new line centers around wellness and ritual. While Aveda is not new to the wellness game this line steps it up offering guests the chance to integrate a more holistic routine at home.  


2. Oleation Oil + Dry Brush = your skins new BFF

A new morning ritual available for take home is the Oleation Oil and Facial dry brush. This is the product that will have you swooning! The dry brush softly exfoliates and energizes skin. Dead skin and build up is swept away, leaving instantly more radiant skin. Follow the ritual with the oleation oil (Did we mention it is 100% naturally derived?!) and a gentle massage to stop over production of sebum which gives  you that dry, lifeless look. This was definitely a fan favorite among the staff and we are all lining up to get a set of our very own! 

Aveda Skincare Tulasara Dosha Salon Spa PDX

3. Goodbye Serums, Hello Concentrates 

By now it is well known that a serum can drastically change the tonality of your skin. Every big name has one. Concentrates are Aveda's natural answer to serums and creams that can be harsh and strip skin of needed oils. These 3 concentrates address 3 different skin needs and yes- you can layer them! 

3. When We Say Aveda, You Say Aroma!

The number one thing people associate with their Aveda experience is smell and the new line of aromas for professionals does not disappoint. Each is meant to bring balance to your mind and to your skin! With a range of notes including, jasmine sandalwood, clary sage, lavender, bergamot and even grapefruit these blends provide the ultimate in-spa experience. These knockouts are only available to spa professionals, which means you will not want to skip out on your regular facial!

4. Results that you can see

The new line has it all, gorgeous packaging, amazing aromas, textures and a holistic approach that can found both in spa and at home. By far the biggest achievement that this new line bring is numbers to back it up! 

  • 94% reported that their skin felt immediately smooth, refined and nourished after using the Oleation oil and Dry brush 
  • 86% reported immediate improvement in skin after experiencing the Dual Exfoliation facial


Tulasara is coming to the Dosha spa THIS FALL. So mark your calendars and book your facials now!



Aveda Tulasara Dosha Spa PDX