Valentines Day Sweethearts

Life gets busy and long term couples know the secret to a happy relationship is making time for one another. So this year instead of worrying about what to get your loved one, indulge in a couples massage, which gives you both a moment of  quality time and much needed relaxation. We sat down with uber cute couple Hannah and Jesse to dig deep into their relationship and find out what a little R&R can do. Read on to find out the power of a good steak dinner, how to relax to Law and Order SVU and of course find out what romantic gangster flick you should rent this year!

The Sweethearts:

Dosha Valentines Day Portland PDX Salon Spa Couples Massage 

Hannah and Jesse have been together 3 years and have been married for a year and a half. They are finally settling into marriage and describe that first year as a huge learning time. They work opposite schedules and so they know the value of squeezing out precious moments together and were thrilled to have a couple massage together! We wanted to have a little pre-massage fun and put them to the ultimate V-Day Test, The Newly-Wed Game.

Dosha Salon Spa Aveda PDX Portland Couples Massage  Couples Massage Spa Newly Wed Game

Round #1 Jesse:

1. Would She prefer Flowers or Chocolate on Valentines Day?

J:  Oh, Okay, I got my Answer, Flowers.

H: He is right! I'm a flower girl.

2. What on Hannah's romantic dinner menu?

J: (laughs) Okay I got it! ( Answer: Pizza)

H: Yeah he's probably right

J: It is literally Pizza!

3. What does she like to do to relax after a long day?

J: Okay this is it! ( Answer: Law and Order SVU)

H: (Laughs) - Law and Order!!! Totally. I'm obsessed, I cant stop!

J: She's gotta do it!

Round #2 Hannah

1. Does Jesse have a secret romantic movie he likes to watch? Or maybe not so secret?

H: Hmmm,Romantic Movie, I don't think you watch any romantic movies?!

J: I mean there is one classic!

H: Oh, Oh It um, shoot, know i cant think if the name of it.

J: It has a big ship, sinks in the ocean...

H: You suck, you just totally gave it to me! That's not event what i was thinking.

J: Hey it's good-- who doesn't like titanic?

H: I was thinking the Italian one with the gangster...

J: Goodfellas?!  That's a romantic movie?!

2. What is Jesse's ideal romantic dinner?

H: ( Promptly writes- Steak)

J: Yep, that true!

H: Yeah it's all you talk about. Steak

J: Yep, that is all I want, steak!

3. What is his Ideal date night?

H: Date night, ( Thinks) Uhm.

J: What are you coming up with there? That's a lot of marking!

H: There is a lot of marking. ( Answer: Henrys Tavern, then Dessert, then a walk around).

J: Yes, I love dessert if i can squeeze it in after that steak.

H: You always squeeze it in!

The Massage:

Aveda Dosha Spa Massage Couple LMT Relaxing Valentines Day Gift

Now that Hannah and Jesse were worn out hard about these nail biting questions they were definitely ready to relax! LMT's Chanta and Tara were their LMT's for the evening! After introductions the ladies got Hannah and Jesse back to the spa room.

Chanta: Usually when couples come in they don't talk much, They might look at one another and be like" Hey babe, how ya feeling" but there isn't a lot of chatter!

Tara: Yeah they are ready to relax!


The massage started off with independent consultations and an Aveda classic, the sensory journey. Hannah and Jesse got to chose their Aveda aroma that would be use throughout the massage, Hannah went with Stress Fix, while Jesse chose Beautifying.

Dosha Salon Spa Couples Massage LMT Dosha Spa LMT Couples Massage

We left these two cuties on their own to enjoy the full experience, but they did send through this post spa-selfie and you know what they say, pictures speak louder then words!!!


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