All of our shoots wow, but sometimes the stars align and you get something truly awe- inspiring. That is the case for our white-blonde inspired shoot. Some creative hair techniques paired with modern makeup and the chance to use original designs from the fantastic students over at the Art Institute of Portland truly set this shoot apart!


The Hair:

Dosha Clackamas Stylist Jasmine Majdali teamed up with Hawthorne Stylist Brian Cline to tackle the hair. Jasmine  focused in on super sleek hair- it looks easy but as we all know the perfect straight look can be difficult to achieve. The uber straight hair perfectly complemented the intricate clothes. Next, Brian came in to shake things up!!! He used a special technique of ironing extensions to get the look of a hair mask. The technique was inspired by a photo shoot from years ago and has been perfecting over the years! When the opportunity for the shoot came up he knew this was the perfect opportunity to show his skills!

How to get the Super Sleek Look:

Stylist Jasmine gave us the run-down on how to get that super sleek look for yourself!

"Blow dry in Aveda Smooth Infusion Nourishing Creme with tension and directing it from side to side to break up the point of distribution. Next, flat iron smooth. Follow up with Aveda Dry Remedy Moisture drops"

The Makeup:

The makeup was done by Creative lead Christina Carlsson. Christina's focus: white, of course. The models skin, including hands, arms and legs were lightly painted in a soft white. The same paint would later be run though the models hair for a completely white look. The real star of the makeup is the white eyebrows, perfectly brushed to look blown out!


The Clothes:

The clothes were generously donated for the day by the amazing student over at the Art of Institute of Portland! Each outfit was by a different student but they all work together flawlessly! Big Thanks to Kelsey Schmitz, James Hunt, Hadassah Jeremiah, Lee Richards for lending their beautiful designs!


The Results: