February Favorite: Air Control™ Light Hold Hair Spray

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We asked our Master Stylist Heather Crimmins and our Aveda in-house Product Specialist about Air Control™ light hold hair spray, and here is why we love it!


Question:  Why is Air Control™ light hold hair spray different from other hair sprays on the market? 

Product Specialist: It is buildable! Using a little is just enough and using a lot is never too much -  you can keep building it without it getting flaky and white. The more you add the more texture and volume you are going to get. 


Question: Is there an ideal hair type for this product?

Product Specialist: Anyone can use Air Control™, but it works great on those with fine hair who are looking for that weightless hold to get volume and texture.


Question: How do we use this product at home?

Master Stylist Heather Crimmins: I personally love to use air control at home as a finishing product.   


Try these 5 Styling tips from Master Stylist Heather Crimmins at home! 

Tip #1: My favorite air control tip is when finishing your look, semi-section your hair and spray for more volume.

Tip #2: Another secret is to use air control as a finisher. After curling, use the Aveda paddle brush to comb out your curls for a more refined shiny look.

Tip #3: Air control is also amazing for fly always. Spray at the root to help comb down. 

Tip #4: Another trick is to flip your head from side to side, and forward, then spray your curls with Air Control for beach tousled hair that still moves and settles.

Tip #5: For Velcro and hot roller days, spray on your hair as it sets and then again after fully styled so your curls set, get proper volume and last longer. 


Ready to Try This Product!

For the month of February, Air Control™ light hold hair spray is on sale for $18 with a $35 product purchase. We know you'll love Air Control™ because it is so versatile and is the best finishing product for all hair types. Come visit us In-Store and try it for yourself!


Why Aveda Hair Care

100% vegan formulas deliver healthier looking and feeling hair—no compromises.

Aveda products are free from: parabens, mineral oil, petrolatum, paraffin, formaldehyde and its donors, SLES, oxybenzone, benzene, retinyl palmitate, microcrytsalline wax, polyethyelene beads, triclosan, triclorcarban, lanolin, carmine, talc and synthetic fragrance. 


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