Makeover May Part 1: Hair Color


In this month’s blog, we asked our Master Stylist Kim Botner, and Stylist Stephanie Aguilar-Alay about what goes into a hair color makeover and what to consider when making a big change.

image of before and after makeovers - hair by master stylist kristina paris

Highlight your features

 To make your eyes POP, Master Stylist Kim Botner says “The best hair color is contrast. It is the most important thing to consider when doing hair color. Your hair color should be like a frame on a picture.  If your hair color and your skin tone are too similar, then your features get lost. As soon as you frame your face with a nice contrasting color and tone, it makes all the difference”. 

Image of a makeover by master stylist kim botner


Warm, neutral, or cool?

Every hair journey begins with a Q&A to get a better understanding of your hair journey.  Kim “often asks clients questions that help determine if they are better suited for warm, neutral, or cool tones. Having the right tone will enhance your eye color, and skin tone and give you a healthy glow. Having the wrong tone can bring out under eye, dark circles, and create a tired washed-out look.” 

image of upkeep on hair comparing warm vs cool blonde


Ready to go blonde 

If you are thinking about making a big hair color change, like going blonde, Stephanie recommends first asking yourself “Do you want something low maintenance or high maintenance”.The answer is “based on your daily lifestyle and if you are ready to commit to your hair with care and upkeep on appointments”.


To help with the shade/style, Kim “takes into consideration the guests' natural hair color, skin, tone, and eye color to determine the best blonde color”. To get the best reflection of color, Kim will “drape a client with a warm or cool colored fabric to help them see what a difference a warm blonde vs a cool blonde can make” 





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Meet Our Experts

Kim Botner is a Dosha Master Stylist and our Creative Director. Learn more about her creative journey in our blog "Kim Botner Takes the Helm as Dosha Creative Team's Creative Director". Check out Kim's Instagram @kimbotner.

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Stephanie Aguilar-Alay is a Dosha Stylist from our Beaverton location. Check out more of her work on Instagram @stephs_hair.xoxo.

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Kristina Paris is a Master Stylist, part of our Creative Team and Bridal Elite. Check out her work on Instagram @kristinaparishair.

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