Makeover May Part 2: Cut & Texture

Image of Makeover May with Master Stylist Brian Cline


The right haircut is versatile and the right hairstylist can create a style that is interchangeable between sleek and smooth to textured and wavy. We consulted Master Stylist Brian Cline about this transformative look, and here is what he shared.


The Look

“Moira was ready for a big change and left the details to me. I wanted to do something edgy and technical that showed what I could do with hair”. Most importantly, “I wanted to frame her eyes to showcase how they looked. Either way you styled it, her eyes were the focus and came alive, especially in contrast to the one-length style she had previously.

Image of Makeover May with Master Stylist Brian Cline

Sleek or Textured

Brian chose “the sleek style to show off the technical lines of the haircut and to give her a bold look that also has softness”. Before her makeover, Moira’s, haircut and color “almost looked meek, so I wanted to give her look more power”.

For the textured look, Brian took the “same cut but used her natural wave. I preferred this version because it looked so her, like she always had this haircut. It was great to be able to change the shape and liveliness of the style without changing the cut at all”

Image of Makeover May with Master Stylist Brian Cline

Making a Big Change

“When a client comes in for a big change, I look at their face shape, their body shape, how they walk and talk and bring the most out of them with their haircut and style. If you’d like to change your hair, do it often and come see me!” - Book with Master Stylist Brian Cline


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Meet Our Expert

Brian Cline is a Dosha Master Stylist and award-winning Educator at Aveda Institute Portland. Learn more about his achievements in our article,  "National Award Winner - Educator & Master Stylist Brian Cline". Also, check out Brian's Instagram @brian.cline.