Rise and Shine: Early Bird Secrets


Image of march blog Rise and shine: The secret to a productive day with Master Stylists Heather Crimmins and Kim Botner

Are you a morning person? Do you love getting up early for hair appointments and starting your day with a fresh cut or color? We spoke with two of our Masters Stylists, Kim Botner, and Heather Crimmins, about the benefits of a productive day. 

Bright & Early

For Master Stylist Heather Crimmins, starting your day early gives back in so many ways. “You beat traffic! You can hit Starbucks on the way in! Then, you get to have your hairstyle all day, and have extra time at home after work with your family”. Also, “it's quiet and ultra-relaxing at this time in the salon”, which creates a calming space for you to start your work day".

For some of us, “it can be a bit daunting to come into the salon for a 2 1/2 hour color/cut appointment after a long workday”, says Master Stylist Kim Botner, “but flipping it around and starting your day with a cup of our Aveda comfort tea and some fresh hair can be just the ticket” to make your day feel productive.  


Save Time and Enjoy the DayImage of master stylist Heather Crimmins

For busy moms like Master Stylist Heather Crimmins, booking that early appointment "allows you to feel put together. Having your hair styled with a cut/color before you tackle the day’s events lets you save time by not having to manage sports, band, school, work, and family time with your hair. You can get your hair done first thing so you look great for all these events.”


Kim, “enjoys early mornings” and says not only can early appointments allow you to enjoy the day, but they can also give you a moment to “appreciate the quiet peaceful approach to starting your day with some self-care. You can relax, enjoy some pampering, leave feeling refreshed and looking fabulous”.  “During the winter”, Kim generally “books her morning appointments by request only. I have my loyal clients who rebook that time slot regularly. During the summer, I like to open up online booking opportunities for newer clients who might appreciate the opportunity.”


Image of master stylist kim botnerMornings are Inviting

“Weekday early morning appointments are a great way to kick off your day,” says Kim, so why not try it out and see how it benefits you? Especially now that the days are getting warmer. Those “Summer mornings are more inviting.”

Now, are you ready to have the best day ever? Our West Linn Master Stylists Kim Botner and Heather Crimmins have opened their books to early morning appointments starting at 7 am. So book online and grab your spot now!



Thank you to Master Stylists Kim Botner and Heather Crimmins for contributing to this blog. You can check out Kim's IG @kimbotner. Also, check out Heather's IG @mrscrimmins


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