Dosha Salon Spa | by Jillian
Oct 16th 2022

How to ge to get your hair next level

So, you’re wanting to shake things up in your life.

You’re ready for a change. Maybe you’re not ready to quit your job and travel the world, or break up with Mr. Right Now, but you can feel a change a-comin’. Before you walk into that hair salon and say, “Make me a platinum blonde!” or “I’m thinking fuchsia would be a fun…

Dosha Salon Spa | by Jillian
Oct 1st 2022

October Aveda Favorite

We asked our Aveda in-house Product Specialist, Brooke about Thickening Tonic. Here is why we love it!


Question: Why do we love Thickening Tonic?

In-house Product Specialist, Brooke: This is a perfect product for our…

Dosha Salon Spa | by Jillian
Aug 16th 2022
Image of two women with their hair perfectly sleek and ingredients from product Smooth Infusion™ perfectly sleek


Dosha Salon Spa | by Jillian
Aug 1st 2022
Image of a man shaving and a max waxing showing title Everything goes! Why are more men waxing?


Dosha Salon Spa | by Jillian
Jul 19th 2022
Image of July Promo Texture Tonic with ingredients sugar and salt


Dosha Salon Spa | by Jillian
Jun 21st 2022
Summer blog Image of the Beach, a woman looking and a woman washing her hair