Dosha Salon Spa | by Jillian
Jun 10th 2022
Dosha Salon Spa June Favorite: Nutriplenish™


Dosha Salon Spa | by Jillian
Jun 1st 2022
Be a Dosha Bride - Bridal Elite


Dosha Salon Spa | by Jillian
May 11th 2022

May Favorite Invati™ thickening foam

We asked our Master Stylist, Hannah Rose, questions about this product and why we love it! 

Question: Why is Invanti™ Advanced Thickening Foam a great product?
Hannah: "It is a great product because it’s a highly effective styling product that plumps and…
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Aug 21st 2021
Dosha Salon Spa Blog - 5 tips about talking to your stylist

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Jul 27th 2021
Dosha Salon Spa - Summer Sun Blog


There’s nothing like the pure joy of sun and water—enjoy even more knowing you can care for your hair before, during and after.

Your hair and skin are constantly exposed to the elements. We use sunscreen to protect our skin and aloe to nourish our skin after sun exposure, so what do we use to protect our hair while enjoying the summer sun?

Wherever you'll be under the sun this season, protecting your hair is a must. We talked to some of the top hairstylists in Portland at Dosha Salon Spa to find out their…

Dosha Salon Spa | by Jillian
Mar 30th 2021

Earth Month - What Does It Mean to Our Community?

Dosha, in partnership with Aveda Institute Portland, has focused for 15+ years to raise awareness and funds to contribute to local non-profit organizations who have an environmental impact in our Pacific NW. Together we have raised over $250,000! We are excited to continue our partnership in 2021 with Hopkins Demonstration Forest, we believe that #1treecan make a difference in so many ways. Here is what you can expect and how you can get involved, thank you for your support!

Who Is Hopkins…