June 2018

Jun 25th 2018 | By rachel

Picture this! You are in the salon, you have a loyal guest come in and she is looking fabulous but today she wants to go for it- really change it up. "A Pixie cut you say?! But of course!" This you have to document! It is going to be a drastic change and this is the ultimate chance to showcase your skill! You snap the cape open, like the pro that you are, and gently adorn your guest, like the queen she is.

You set out your tools. Sheers, check! Comb, check! Air Control on standby- Check!

In 45 minutes to an hour, you're done! And she is glowing, running her fingers through her hair in...

Jun 18th 2018 | By samantha

Check-out a rundown of what we have been loving this month and let us know if you try anything yourself. Let’s get started!


  • Cropped-Wide Leg Pants- If you’re like me, you love shopping a little too much. I like to “browse” some of my favorite shops every weekend to see what is trending (and by browse, I mean impulse buy yet another striped piece. #GuiltyAsCharged). One style that I have been seeing EVERYWHERE is the cropped wide leg pant. Remember gauchos from the early 2000’s? Well, they’re back and chic-er than ever!
  • ...
Jun 11th 2018 | By samantha
  • makeup, trends, smashbox

If you’re a makeup aficionado, you know that Smashbox is an iconic cosmetics brand known for empowering women everywhere to “be their most kickass beautiful selves.” To smashbox, life is your photo op and the world is your set. smashbox has a full range of makeup products you need to be camera-ready. The world’s top photographers, artists and A-listers use smashbox to create tomorrow’s trends.

If you live in the Portland OR area, you know that Dosha Salon Spa is Portland’s premier Aveda Salon, offering makeup services that make your close up unforgettable. Our makeup experts can create a...

Jun 04th 2018 | By samantha
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Festival fashion has become its own genre of clothing over the past few years as both festivals and social media has skyrocketed in popularity. Did your outfit moment really happen if you didn’t get a picture for your Instagram? That might seem a bit extreme, but we have to admit that half the fun in getting dressed up is curating the perfect photo to showcase your look and sharing it.

Much like fashion shows, festival-wear is an exaggeration of clothing that wouldn’t always reflect day-to-day style. However, the trends that we see emerging from Coachella to Bonnaroo...