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Feb 8th 2019
Makeup at Dosha Salon Spa - Portland

You may have seen some perfectly pink pictures popping up in salon and around the web of the monochromatic photoshoot put together by the Dosha Creative Team. Entitled ‘Think Pink’ this shoot really went for the rose from the oversized balloon background to the pink color palette for makeup. In fact, makeup really was the star of the show with these hot pink and rosy hues that carry through the whole look. Because after all, when it comes to Valentine’s day, you can’t go wrong with pink!


Dosha Salon Spa | by samantha
Jan 21st 2019
Bridal photoshoot of bride wearing wedding dress with half updo and makeup holding a bouquet of flowers

Finding your style as a bride can be just as tricky as it is fun! Not only do you want something flattering and elegant, but also a look that captures your unique style. If you already have your dress in mind, start there! What type of neckline does it have? What is the overall mood or style of the dress? If you have a lot of detail around the neck, you might opt for something up and out of the way to show off the dress. If you scored a vintage dress, you could reflect that elegant or retro vibe in your hair.

The thing about these rules though is that…

Dosha Salon Spa | by samantha
Jan 14th 2019
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Here is another installment of our Boss Lady Hair series featuring Master Stylist Hannah Anderson. Out of all the styles, this one is the most professional. It is classy, elegant, and best of all simple! Don't fret if you have short hair, all you need is enough hair to wrap towards the back of your head. So anything that falls below the chin is perfect for this messy chignon style. In fact, this style is easier if you have shorter hair because you don't have to worry about pinning up all that excess length! Without further ado, follow these…

Dosha Salon Spa | by samantha
Dec 28th 2018
hannah, stylist, master, aveda, professional, office, hair, hairstyle, step by step

We’re all about short hair this new year! It’s trendy, healthy and versatile. Wait, versatile?! Yep, that’s right! It’s a total myth that you can’t get creative styling short hair and were here to prove it. We’re bringing back Master Stylist Hannah for more Boss-Lady Hairstyles that are sure to inspire you short-haired gals with some styles that can go from office hours to happy hours.

Business Up Front Buns

1. Start with wavy hair, and add some Texture Tonic or Shampure Dry Shampoo to get some extra hold. Part your hair all…

Dosha Salon Spa | by samantha
Dec 17th 2018
sparklers, new years

We’ve all been there… Extreme dye jobs. Perms. Flatirons. While they can give you the look you love, they can also do a number on your hair. If you want to make 2019 the year for healthier hair, Dosha Salon & Spa in Portland OR can help.

Here are some easy tricks that can make your hair healthier while you’re rockin’ a great style!…

Dosha Salon Spa | by samantha
Dec 10th 2018
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It’s always fun to shake things up and try out a new style. Whether its funky fringe bangs or a fresh color you’ve never tried before, change is all part of the season.

For Bella, an admin assistant and OSU freshman, she has always had long voluminous waves down to her mid back. Once she finished up her last final of Fall term and came back to Portland for winter break, she had made up her mind for a drastic change.