Jul 19th 2022 | By Jillian

Image of July Promo Texture Tonic with ingredients sugar and salt

For our July Favorite, we asked Master Stylist, Kalli Peterson, and in-house specialists questions about Texture Tonic. Here is why we love it!

Jun 21st 2022 | By Jillian

Summer blog Image of the Beach, a woman looking and a woman washing her hair

Our experts at Dosha Salon Spa put together a list of summer routines to keep your hair happy and healthy all summer long. 

Whether you’re walking to the store or out for a picnic, the sun’s UV rays can damage your hair and...

Jun 10th 2022 | By Jillian

Dosha Salon Spa June Favorite: Nutriplenish™

For our June favorite, we asked our in-house product specialist questions about Nutriplenish™ Daily Moisturizing Treatment and here is why we love it!

Question: Why is Nutriplenish™ Daily Moisturizing Treatment a great...
Jun 01st 2022 | By Jillian

Be a Dosha Bride - Bridal Elite

In our 30+ years of business, we’ve had the pleasure of being a part of over 10,000 weddings. 

We know how important this day is for you, and we want to make sure we are the easiest part of your planning. To ensure your wedding prep goes smoothly, plan for all your salon appointments ahead of time. This means...

May 11th 2022 | By Jillian

Dosha Salon Spa May Favorite: Invati™

We asked our Master Stylist, Hannah Rose, questions about this product and why we love it! 

Question: Why is Invati™ Advanced Thickening Foam a great product?
Hannah: "It is a great product because it’s a highly effective styling...
Aug 21st 2021 | By Jillian
  • Dosha Salon Spa Blog - 5 tips about talking to your stylist

We’ve all been there…

in the chair at our favorite beauty salon, with our favorite stylist, and you want to make a change but cannot put it into words. So how do you get your inspiration across to your stylist? And how can you avoid any miscommunication in your vision for the perfect hairstyle? Well, we talked to some of the top hairstylists in Portland at Dosha Salon Spa for some tips on how to talk to your hair stylist so you can get exactly what you want.


Jul 27th 2021 | By Jillian
  • Dosha Salon Spa - Dosha Created Photoshoot


There’s nothing like the pure joy of sun and water—enjoy even more knowing you can care for your hair before, during and after.

Your hair and skin are constantly exposed to the elements. We use sunscreen to protect our skin before sun exposure and aloe to nourish our skin after sun exposure, so what do we use to protect our hair while enjoying the summer sun?

Wherever you'll be under the sun this season, protecting your hair is a must. We talked to some of the top hairstylists in Portland at Dosha Salon Spa to...

Mar 30th 2021 | By Jillian

Earth Month - What Does It Mean to Our Community?

Dosha, in partnership with Aveda Institute Portland, has focused for 15+ years to raise awareness and funds to contribute to local non-profit organizations who have an environmental impact in our Pacific NW. Together we have raised over $250,000! We are excited to continue our partnership in 2021 with Hopkins Demonstration Forest, we believe that #1treecan make a difference in so many ways. Here is what you can expect and how you can get involved, thank you for your support!

Who Is Hopkins Demonstration...

Dec 02nd 2020 | By Jillian

For those of us staying home this holiday, we have a few things to get you inspired and ready for the season. Start by thinking local and create the best of what Portland has to offer here at home. 

1) Shop locally! Find out what lcoal shops and salons have planned for the "virtual" holidays. Many local places will have special deals going on such as Dosha Salon Spa's Annual VIP Event which starts on Monday December 7th and continues all week through Saturday December 12th. During this event you can obtain a "VIP Membership" which gives you exclusive...

Nov 02nd 2020 | By Jillian

Before my visit, I took a moment to review Dosha’s Safety Precautions during COVID. Dosha Salon was perfectly clear on their cleaning practices which was very reassuring. Once prepared, I headed to Downtown Portland's Dosha Salon Spa on 5th Ave. I arrived and waited outside just as the Safety Precautions notice advised. Upon entering, I was greeted by a host. I sanitized my hands and had my temperature taken. I filled out the COVID waiver form and the host took me to meet my New Artist stylist, Molly Nesting. 

Molly had me...