Dosha Salon Spa | by Jillian
Nov 24th 2023

Dosha holiday blog - Our favorite holiday traditions

Our Stylists “Must-haves”

Dosha Salon Spa | by Jillian
Nov 1st 2023

Dosha Blog "The most photographed season"

The holidays are the most photographed season, and we know that having the perfect hair is a must! We understand the importance of getting it just right, which is why we want to give that little extra inspiration. In the most photographed season of the year, the holidays, how do you choose the perfect hair? Well, we asked our stylists their “…

Dosha Salon Spa | by Jillian
Oct 5th 2023

Dosha blog - How to extend good hair days in the PNW

After these long hot summer months, we’re all ready for our Portland weather to return. We want to embrace the rain and cool breezes, but how do we deal with seasonal changes to our hair?

Constant rain and “hat hair” make good hair days far and few between. What’s the secret to making good hair days last…

Dosha Salon Spa | by Jillian
Oct 2nd 2023

Embrace Wellness with a new Beautiful Autumn Routine

As we move out of the summer season, we exchange outdoor life for the cozy couch and warm blankets. At Dosha, we offer several different massage techniques that go beyond just relaxation. Each has a specific focus that will enhance and revive you.

Massage Focus: Relaxation

Our Swedish Massage incorporates a massage…

Dosha Salon Spa | by Jillian
Sep 12th 2023

Dosha, an AVEDA Salon and Spa in Portland, OR

Treat yourself to a relaxing afternoon at our full-service salon spa locations in Downtown Portland and Clackamas. Both offer a full line of Aveda products and a variety of services to indulge in. 

Dosha Salon Spa | by Jillian
Aug 31st 2023

Dosha Creative Team shoot


Dosha Creative Team photoshoots set the mood each season. . .

Our photoshoots are designed to stretch and build our stylists' creative muscle. It requires unique preparation, equipment and, of course, talent, to make each photo shoot come to life. This most recent photoshoot was inspired by all different types of textured hair. Our stylists…