Oct 01st 2015 | By dosha-admin


This summer we hosted a summer get together like no other! Despite having picked literally the only rainy day all summer, our crew came together for delicious food and drink to celebrate being a part of an amazing team of people! 

BBQ and Quintae's amazing smile! 

Quintae and Ray were on grill duty and they knocked it out of the park- cooking up hot dogs and hamburgers! and seriously does anyone have a better smile then...

Oct 01st 2015 | By dosha-admin
  • Safari Inspired Photoshoot at Sauvies Island by Dosha Creative Team

The Dosha Creative Team transformed Sauvies Island into a stunning safari inspired landscape for a recent shoot.  The looks were meant to be undone yet still glamorous, an explorer alone in nature. Hair by Chelsea Wescott and Brooklyne Van Brunt and Makeup by Christina Carlsson and Andrea Robbins. Photographer Mark Daniel Muzzy styled the shoot, even supplying a vintage camera that once belonged to his grandfather!  Scheduled to be published in Elegant Magazine, November 2015 (