Celeste Insua
Celeste Insua - Dosha Salon Spa Stylist

Celeste is a hairstylist and has been with Dosha since 2013. There is always something new for her to learn and master and she is committed to the many areas of growth that this industry allows. Outside of work, Celeste is passionate about the environment and discovering new and delicious foods! She entered this industry by chance but the moment she got behind the chair she fell in love. For her inspiration comes from everywhere, the colors found in nature to the way her guests' stroke and place their own hair. Her proudest moment in the industry was when she had a young guest who was so impressed with her service that she declared to her mom that celeste was the only stylist for her. It was a wonderful moment to be a part of and made her realize the effect she could have on people's lives. Celeste loves that Dosha has so many areas of opportunity for her to grow in multiple aspects of the industry.


"I love making my guests' day. The smile on their face just does it for me!"